WordPress 2.8.3 Now Available

August 3, 2009 at 10:03 PM · 2 comments

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Just in time for August, another security release for the WordPress 2.8.x code line is now available to the public. According to Ryan, there were some security vulnerabilities that were uncaught by the previous release (2.8.2), that were noticed and fixed for this latest version.

Like the previous version of WordPress, this one is recommended for sites currently using the 2.8.x code line.

Javamancy Operations

Now, several of you have noticed (and mentioned to us many times) since the Javamancy XV release back on July 23, 2009, that something seemed “odd” about all of the DevPal sites, including Javamancy and Javamancy mini… as if they were operating “differently” than other WordPress-based sites that you visit.

The short answer to these inquiries is: no, you’re not crazy… things are a bit different, since we had noticed anomalies in the stock code and took certain actions to correct, which was briefly mentioned about the XV release. Nothing to be concerned about, from a user’s perspective.

However, once WordPress 2.8.3 has completed our CM procedures, it will be deployed across the various applicable sites, including Javamancy. Until then, our Special Edition will be circulation for a bit longer. :-)

Thanks for being patient, folks!

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